White Kitchen

“Marcia’s creative energy and responsiveness at each step was everything we could ask for. She opened new visions for us.”

(White Kitchen)

East 79th Street

“One of the many things I appreciated about Marcia was her ability to discern what my taste was. Her enthusiasm for my home was contagious.”

(East 79th Street)

West 17th Street

“Marcia managed every detail of our renovation. She has the knowledge, the skills, the artistry, and the vision of a brilliant designer.”

(West 17th Street)

Boston Brownstone

“Marcia is not only creative and talented on the design side; she is also like a precise scientist when it comes to managing the entire process. A true designer and true project manager in one person is a rare thing.”

(Boston Brownstone)

West 76th Street

“…she listens to her client’s needs and desires and comes up with a design that is not only beautiful but functional.”

(West 76th Street)

East 87th Street

“…She has an amazing sense of color and created an environment that is warm, interesting and highly functional, while exuding an air of high design and elegance…”

(East 87th Street)

Chelsea Lobby

“You will find Marcia a pleasure to work with. She is a creative designer who also knows how to negotiate with contractors. She is a true gem.”

(Chelsea Lobby)