This lovely lady could easily be a love interest of Austin Powers. She is Terri, part of the great construction crew working on my West Palm Beach condo renovation project. Terri did all the mud work and painting throughout and she looks GREAT on the this silk shag rug from Stepevi Rugs. The sectional sofa and other furniture have yet to be delivered. But, I ask you: WHO NEEDS FURNITURE?? I just want to lay down on a SHAG RUG!!

The shag rug style is retro, and it still works in the right context. I love mixing specific elements of the past with just about anything. Mid-Century Modern furniture always feels like a breath mint to me. Very refreshing and stimulating, like a quick breath in, on a freezing day. Using clean lines to create sculptural elements, the simplicity of the line in this design style is what makes Mid-Century Modern furniture continue to be relevant today. I can only imagine the purity of thought that went into creating a whole new way of crafting “how to live”, because it was an entirely new frame of mind. You can find lots of these pieces in NYC retail furniture stores such as Room and Board and Design Within Reach.

GOOGLE: Charles Eames molded plastic chairs…classic and SO darn comfortable! (I have 4 going into the Florida project.)
GOOGLE: Marcel Breuer – Wassiliy Chair
GOOGLE: Eero Saarinen – Tulip Table
If these names are not familiar, you will recognize their work immediately. “My Mom had that in her living room!”
Be careful to not saturate a space with these pieces. That would dilute the specificity of the impact of one or two pieces, nestled amongst other, more transitional furniture. Doing a whole room in this style would feel kitschy and forced.

Speaking of DON DRAPER: I see this furniture style all over the sets of Mad Men… It is great to go back there and appreciate the style and the era.

Let me know what you think about DON DRAPER…..
Good guy? Bad guy? Tortured soul? Model husband?
And if you don’t know who Don Draper is….

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  1. fran epstein

    just read your ‘recent entries.’
    loved them all…tasteful, affordable, interesting and helpful suggestions.
    your enthusiasm is infectious!
    thank you.


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