What Should You Expect From Your Interior Designer?

I work with many first timers, which is wonderful. They know they can’t do it themselves and are brave enough to stick their necks out and commit to creating a more beautiful and more functional environment for themselves and their families. They understand instinctively that paying more up front in design fees will not only cut down on the cost of mistake after mistake, but that the end result will be more wonderful than they ever imagined.

This is the journey that I take with my clients. Even I don’t know where it will end up. But I do know that time after time, people say that I have helped to change their lives. This is priceless and such a gift. Of course, there is always some pain or some resistance or some sort of glitch along the way. But what path doesn’t have its share of left turns? There are no guarantees that every worthwhile endeavor will be flawless. What I do promise is a full out commitment to do the very best I can; to get the absolute best value I can for my client’s hard earned money; to be as honest as I can about expectations; and to hit the ground running, to try and realize my clients hopes and dreams. It is a passion for me that is just there, and it just cannot be turned off.

Here is a portion of what The Franklin Report says about the NYC interior design experience. I suggest reading the entire report as it does a very good job of describing the work I do.


What  You Should Not Expect from Your Interior Designer or the Design Process

  • That the designer will maintain interest in the project if you cannot make any decisions.
  • That you attend each shopping trip or be shown every possible fabric in the D&D building.
  • That the designer can read your mind.
  • That there will be no misunderstandings or mistakes along the way.
  • That the designer will bid out every subcontractor. There is a reason that the designer has been working with the same upholsterer and decorative painters for years. On the other hand, if you have a favorite supplier, the designer should be accommodating.
  • That the designer will supervise other’s work without an oversight fee.
  • That the designer becomes your new best friend.

What  You Should Expect from Your Interior Designer

  • The sense that your interests and opinions matter.
  • An accessible and proactive effort, taking the initiative to complete the  job. 
  • That  some of your existing furnishings will be integrated into the new design, if you wish. 
  • Assurance that the designer will stick to a realistic budget (and not tempt you with “the best” unless you insist). 
  • A full understanding of your lifestyle and use of your living space. 
  • Being shown a full range of options and products—creative ideas well beyond the D&D building. However, you should not feel forced to take whatever they purchased on their last worldwide jaunt (and pricing is really   fuzzy here). 
  • As hassle-free a process for you as possible. 
  • Open communication with you to avoid surprises. 
  • That you love your new home after the job is complete.


One thought on “What Should You Expect From Your Interior Designer?

  1. Terril Gagnier

    Marcia, you pass all the criteria above with flying colors plus.
    Moreover, you are an artist with such an intuitive sense
    of design and space that I’ve had the joy of seeing you
    transform my rooms in record time. It is exciting to watch
    and a deep pleasure to live with your creations.


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