In a kitchen, consider open shelving above the counter as opposed to closed cabinets. You will utilize this space much more. And it will open up the room. And yes, you have to clean them. ****


There should be 18″ of space between your coffee table and your sofa. ****


Try not to put objects in front of books on your book case. Do this sparingly. Otherwise the whole thing looks cluttered. It is better to actually make a space in between the books. Bookcases are not just storage…they are pieces of furniture that need to be styled carefully. ****


When you have a collection of items, display them together. Don’t break them up. ****


Don’t use colored sheers…not a good look. ****


A great option for a ceiling color is Benjamin Moore #190, if your walls are in a warm tone. ****


It is nice to have some black in a room. Also an antique is great in any room. ****


Asian furniture and objects work well with ANY style. Modern – Contemporary – Mid Century – Transitional – Traditional. Period. ****


Always use dimmers. No reason not to. ****


In a small room, a large scale piece of furniture can make the room appear larger. Also, painting a small room a dark color, can make the space come alive. These seem counter intuitive, but they really work. ****


If you order fabric, add two yards to the order as insurance. You may need to recover a pillow or cushion down the line. The fabric may be discontinued, or the dye lot could be different, and then you are sunk. ****


In general, when hanging art pieces together, they should be no more than 2″ – 3″ apart. ****


Lighting is everything: do combinations in a room – floor lamps – table lamps – ceiling fixtures – wall sconces. Natural light changes all day long, and you want to be able to change the atmosphere as the planet turns! ****


Door moldings, base moldings, crown moldings, window sills and moldings, doors: SATIN paint finish. And have your painter use a brush on doors, not a roller. It takes more time but is infinitely more beautiful. ****


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