This week I thought I would share a shopping resource.

I LOVE: Thomas O’Brien / Aero Studios

WHY? Because they have a tremendous collection of WELL PRICED objects for the home. Everything from dish ware to glasses to baskets to ceramics to wonderful decorative objects. Downstairs there is a lighting section that is great for bath lighting.

ALSO. They have furniture too. Some of this is vintage and somewhat high end, but there are reasonably priced items. The inventory is huge. When I am looking to dress up a client’s home with unique and fabulous things, I always stop by this store. I usually end up browsing for at least an hour. There is so much to look at. The aesthetic is lovely and wide ranging.

SUMMER. During the summer, Soho is not that crowded, and I love to go down there to check out the shops and the art galleries. It’s great for inspiration!


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