THE WORM HOLE to design

Say you are considering renovating your kitchen, but you just don’t know where to begin. Choices, choices, choices. It is enough to make you forget the whole idea! Sound familiar? I hear this all the time from clients who have felt overwhelmed by this daunting prospect.

The process IS complex, there is no doubt. The choices you make are permanent and you want them to be just right and you want to love your kitchen for years to come.

I have a process, that I call the WORM HOLE ™. I use this method with clients who have trouble visualizing and conceptualizing their kitchen from all the small samples that I bring for them to consider. Some clients can “see” the kitchen in their mind’s eye, and many cannot. Don’t feel deficient here!….this is why a designer is always a great idea!

I start by categorizing the main components of the kitchen:  FLOORING – CABINET MATERIAL – COUNTER SURFACE – BACK SPLASH.

While I shop with my clients at the tile store, the granite yard, the cabinet shop, there is usually one thing that jumps out, that they absolutely LOVE.

Say it’s a back splash tile. This is where the worm hole begins. The tile is “the worm”. From that choice, comes the next component which will work with that tile…. and so on….down the worm hole.

This is a great way for my clients to feel competent that they can, indeed, make choices. It gives them a sense of true ownership of the process. Of course changes can and do happen along the way . This design process is not linear, by any stretch. But by beginning in this linear way, a true design process can emerge, free of the fear that cripples lots of people. It opens up the pathway for a creative collaboration between client and designer, which is always how the best results are achieved. The final product will be a kitchen that will be used and loved for years to come.



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