I have a lot on my mind this morning…everything from “how to keep your curtains clean, without out taking them down and sending them to the dry cleaner”, to “use liquid dishwashing cleaner, rather than the crystals, and you won’t clog up your plumbing”……among other thoughts.

But the topic of the day is: VESSELS

What I mean by “vessel” is this: an entity that holds another entity. Personally, I have always had a bit of an obsession with this “vessel concept”, and I think it was an unconscious force that led me to become a designer of people’s homes. The home is a vessel that is vitally important to our well being.

But let’s get down to basics……the ultimate vessel is, of course, the BODY.

The body holds the mind center, where we spin our ideas and thoughts. The body holds the heart center, where we love each other. And, the body holds the belly center, where we feel deeply. We know that we must care for and nurture our bodies in order to think, love and feel.  When we exercise, have a stimulating conversation, or get a good night’s sleep, we feel alive.

The HOME is the next level of the “vessel concept.”

What we surround ourselves with…furniture, objects, art on the walls, all manner of stuff…..matters immensely every single day. The reason I know this to be true, both on an instinctual level and a practical level, is that I see it manifest every single day in my business. I see how paying attention to the home changes peoples lives….in an instant. The home must function so we can do the work of our lives, and it must please, so we can enjoy that work. The home must be a place where we can breathe out at the end of a long day, and it must be a place where ideas can happen and take shape.

Take good care of your body, and take good care of your home. Fluff a pillow…change up your art work….renovate that kitchen… deeply about the vessel that holds the ultimate vessel: YOU.


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