The Notes Are the Same – the Performance is Always Different

YEP, that’s me, way back in 1997 rehearsing Elliott Carter’s Trilogy for oboe and harp with Susan Jolles at the Composer’s Conference at Wellesley College. Incredibly exciting times for me, and what an amazing opportunity to play great music with world class musicians. The unique privilege of being a musician is that you can play great works, over and over throughout your career and continue to be engaged in new ways to interpret this music.

I find the parallels between music and interior design to be stunning. A kitchen is a kitchen, right? NO. Yes, there are cabinets and appliances and tiles and flooring and lighting; all the elements of a kitchen are the same, with each project I design. What makes the process so creative, each and every time, is that intangible part: the communication and collaboration between client and designer. Just as with music: the connection between musician and composer. This is the mysterious energy that creates the one and only space, the one and only performance.

I never know what is going to emerge from the design process with my clients and this is such a fulfilling aspect of my business. I am continually refreshed and excited by what a new project will bring, what challenges I will encounter, and how I will negotiate the road ahead. If you are working with a designer in your home, it is helpful to remember that the outcome is always best when both parties understand (as I have said in blogs past) that not knowing is JUST FINE. Not knowing means that you are open to whatever may come, and that you cannot, to some degree, predict the outcome, other than it will be unique! Make no mistake, a designer is necessary for the vision, the guidance and the knowledge. But when this flexibility is in the air there is the potential for the end product to be greater than client and designer ever imagined. Then, voila, you have something that no one else has, and it is all yours!

What a strange concept! How exciting and refreshing! How absolutely PERFECT!

3 thoughts on “The Notes Are the Same – the Performance is Always Different

  1. Richard Kaplan

    If you knew then what you know now you never would’ve worn striped pants in front of the vertical stripe of the organ pipes.
    But seriously folks, as someone who has known you for decades, first as a brilliant oboist, who played Elliot Carter’s oboe concerto at Miller Theatre so soulfully and intelligently back in the day, I am stunned at how Protean you are, transitioning so gracefully from brilliant musician to brilliant interior designer.


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