The Man Who Asked For Red

He asked: Can I have red?
I answered: Of course.
Can I have glass in the cabinet doors?
Why not.
Can the glass be wavy so you can see in, but not really?
Can I have glass pulls and knobs?
I mean, can I really have RED?
You may.
Can the floor be black but not an unyielding black?
Can the counter be dark gray with a bit of “something” in it?
Can the cabinets be white with just a drop of mercury in the color?
Love it.
Can the inside of the glass door cabinets be a medium gray to bring the eye into the depth?
Can do.
Can I have floating shelves for cook books?
Can there be tons of deep storage drawers so I can lift heavy pots out easily?
Can I have the iconic schoolhouse lighting pendants with polished nickel finish and etched detail?
You can.
But, the RED, really?
I promise.
Can we add 20% gray glass tiles to the red glass tiles just to jzhuzz it?
Will do.
Do you ever say no?
You bet.
Why not now?
Because nothing you have asked for is wrong. Or shall I say, everything you have asked for is wonderful.
Ok. I am getting everything I want… it always this easy?

7 thoughts on “The Man Who Asked For Red

  1. Richard

    I love how you tell this story of collaboration with your client. Engaging and informative.
    But I want to see more pictures of your beautiful work.

  2. Gail Manishor

    It was a great experience working with Marcia on my red kitchen almost 7 years ago. I have enjoyed the benefits of Marcia’s expertise every day since it’s completion.


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