CONSIDER THIS: I absolutely LOVE dark brown/chocolate floor stain.

I also LOVE a floor stain that is so dark, it is almost ebony. When a certain light hits it, you can see the brown in the grain. BEAUTIFUL!

When you are considering redoing your floors, consider a dark stain, rather than the typical medium color of almost every floor on the East and West side of NYC. It will do wonders for any room, and make it look more sophisticated, no matter (almost) what the wall color is.

YES, you will still see the parquet of the flooring, if you happen to have this, because the wood species are different and the stain will react differently.

ALSO, if you have a floor that is square “wood” tiling, typically laid in the 50’s in many buildings, and you don’t have the money to rip it out and lay new flooring, a dark stain is a great way to disguise the fact that the floor is old and not a great look. You can usually sand down these floors 3 times max, because the actual wood is only about 3/8″ thick.

This is not to say that a dark floor trumps a natural oak look….not at all. I love that look as well. It all depends on the context of the room, of course. The main point is to be open to options, and consider going over to the “dark side”.

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