You may not use this color idea today or tomorrow or even in a year. But if you put this in a corner of a drawer or on the cork board that is already filled to the max, you will remember this one day when you are getting ready to paint a room or your whole house.

OK. You have picked the color for the walls of the room you are going to paint. You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Now…what to do with the ceiling, the doors, the moldings etc. Does the white (and that is the default color most of the time) color matter? Yes it matters. Every little thing matters when painting a room because…..well let’s put it this way: when you are preparing a piece of music, you don’t only practice the technical parts and leave the lyrical (“easy”) passages to take care of themselves. Yes, every little thing matters.

Anyway. Here goes:

CEILINGS: Benjamin Moore # 967 Cloud White / FLAT Finish

DOORS, MOLDINGS, BASE, CROWN: Benjamin Moore #967 Cloud White / SATIN Finish

What’s so special about #967, other than it works every single time (about 99%)? It is a white that has no other hint of color in it. It is a true white. (Please, no Super White, Bright White, Linen White, Decorator White.) And the FINISH is very important…no eggshell…no semi gloss.

So. What do you do when you think you might be in the 1% area? Call an interior designer, fast.

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