The Aesthetic of Tidiness – YES, it is REAL

See that lighting fixture in the small picture of the kitchen in the article from Design Bureau Magazine? The one with the floating globes? What an invigorating moment, to go shopping with a client, see something that you think would be fantastic for their space, and the client says YES, without hesitation. This particular project pretty much flowed this way from start to finish. I “got” them, and they chose me as their designer because they saw that I “got” them.

What I really loved about this couple (they had two small children, who were about to grow up fast), was that they had the foresight to plan for the ever growing reality of STUFF and the way stuff just seems to appear (especially with kids) and take advantage of the renovation in this way. They agreed with the old adage: do it once and do it right. With that in mind, I designed built-ins and storage areas for them, all over this very large apartment. And, I created a floor plan in the master suite to give them his and hers walk in closets, and a dressing room off the master bath. I recognized and really appreciated that organization was a priority for them. They were busy people and did not have a lot of head space for clutter. A place for everything and everything in its place.

This showed in their decision making process, as well. We selected in short order. We were in sync. In addition to having the gift of being able to make fast and determined decisions, they also trusted their instincts to allow me to guide them when they were not sure. In terms of spending, they went for the gusto in certain areas and were conservative in others. I helped them create a hierarchy of how to allocate their funds, which is one of my strong talents. It does not all have to cost a fortune!

When this type of flow occurs for me on my projects, it is as if I am airborne. The thoughts and ideas and creativity are fluid. There are no blocks. There is a feeling of moving forward just above the ground. I am not flying, rather, my body is a hover craft. I can see 360 degrees: I have eyes in the back of my head. There is a synchronicity in the air that just makes the experience joyful. Sound strange? Sound wonderful? It is. A big thank you to my very special clients. They know who they are.

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