As a designer, I look at my job on the macro level and micro level. The macro level is the gut renovation with new space planning, partitions (those are walls) and surface finishes. This can be for an entire residence or simply a new bath. The idea is that I am changing the entire environment: the walls, the floor, the ceiling. The micro level is the final styling of the space. This is the yummy stuff when I ultimately determine, with my client, how the space will look and feel upon entering the room, and a lot of this depends on what is living on the surfaces in that space. Between the macro and micro is the mid level of furnishing. The image above is the office of a psychotherapist who has collected lots of art and objects throughout her years as a world traveler. I spent the better part of a day editing down her pieces and then placing them in the bookshelf in such a way as to create a beautiful overall effect, and also bring specific attention to each shelf.

I feel like a hawk that is circling the earth from a great distance above, and can almost see the curvature of the horizon. But my sharp eyesight is always focused on a blade of grass. For the hawk, behind that blade of grass is a tasty morsel of a mouse. For the designer, the blade of grass is a beloved and meaningful object that resides on a bedside table. One thing that I have realized through the years is that I adore styling spaces. If you look through my website, every single room has my styling fingerprints all over it. Every single surface and bookshelf was lovingly thought through. It is a most creative process and it requires a special eye to make it just right. How many family images to display? How to lay books on a bookshelf: by size or subject? I love going into this final phase of a project where I can really make the space sing. The process can be very revealing and emotional for my clients who are looking, no, really examining and considering objects from the past, as we determine where these pieces will live in the space. And of course, I purchase new items for clients as well: anything from major art for the walls to a small Persian bowl for the bedside.




NINA TAPERED LAMPS at Visual Comfort & Co.

OTTOMANS: In general, they keep the layout of a room mobile. They can be brought out for seating or tucked under a table, when not needed.

IN A SMALL ROOM: Go for a large area rug or wall to wall: the “eye needs to travel” out to the wall for a larger sense of space.

USE WALL PAPER AS AN ACCENT: It won’t break the bank and it gives the space style.

DO YOU HAVE SMALL ARTWORK: Group them tightly on the wall.

FLOAT YOUR FURNITURE LAYOUT: Don’t just put everything on the walls…so boring.

S7 LAMP FOR THE DESK at Structures

CLAMP TABLE LAMP at Pablo Designs


LAMP FINIALS at Hillary Thomas

Browse these websites or better yet, go out and look and shop! Visit MY website, look through my portfolio section. Carefully look at every surface and bookshelf. You will find inspiration there for your own home.

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