Pillows and the Karate Chop

Some designers detest it; some cannot live without it. What is it? And is it really essential? Here is my manifesto on all things PILLOWS. And this blog is dedicated to Kaye, a client who really wanted to know.

I do believe in the karate chop and here is why. This quick and simple one-armed action, creates a crease in the top of the pillow and makes the pillow sit up on the sofa and look “done”. This can only be done with pillows that are filled with at least 50% down. If your pillow is filled with foam only, then the CHOP will not stay, but spring back up. You ask: what’s so bad about a pillow that springs back up? Isn’t that the point? Don’t we WANT our pillows to spring back up? Doesn’t that make life easier, because you have just that many fewer chops to make, each and every day? Well……while I am sympathetic about the daily drudgery of the CHOP…..this foam filler does not keep its shape very well over the long haul and because it is foam, you cannot manipulate it nearly as well as the down filled pillow. Honestly it all depends on what type of person you are. Do you care? Or do you not care? Clearly, I care.

Pillows fillers:

1.)100% down filled, which will squish all the way flat and then you have to fluff them out each time. They have no spring back. But they are WONderful, if you have the patience.

2.)50%-50% down and foam, which allows you to chop, but also not have to resuscitate the pillow each and every time. I like this compromise.

3.)100% foam, where the pillow literally has a life of its own and you cannot “wrassle” it into any manageable shape! And it looks really bad, really fast.

Further: How many pillows are too many? Well, this all depends on the room style and the person. Traditional rooms usually have a fair amount of pillows, and modern rooms, maybe less.  If you have a bed that has 6-8 pillows that are laid up at the headboard, you had better be committed to making up this bed each and every morning. Otherwise it will look like a disaster and not invite one onto the bed at all! Sofas and beds must have some pillows as color and fabric accents. Different sizes will give the furniture an added sense of dimension. They just make the room prettier.

So, the CHOP is really your friend. I believe in the CHOP, and it actually is a good mechanism to get your aggression out on a daily basis. Remember the old days of therapy where the shrink asked you to beat the pillow? Well…I digress….

4 thoughts on “Pillows and the Karate Chop

  1. MarciaB1 Post author

    Hi Jim! Yes, I should work on that advanced technology for my blog. I encourage you to experiment with the gesture! Thanks for reading my blog!

  2. Holly HAUPT

    Although I am personally not a fan of the karate chop
    I prefer down pillows as opposed to foam as they
    Are natural and squish able I’ve always liked real
    Fibers and real wood. I try not to have any out gassing
    At all in my house. And certainly in the bedroom
    Only natural fibers all around. As much as I’d
    Like a silk carpet. I may go for viscose. I think it comes from
    Wood pulp good luck on whatever pillows you like

  3. Marcia

    Holly! Thanks so much for your comment, and I love the part about the outgassing. We all have to be very careful about what synthetics are doing to us. Cheer, Marcia


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