I have designed many spaces for my clients. Through the years, I have come to realize, over and over, that I must listen to my client’s desires.  If the space is truly going to be an environment that supports and reflects them, listening is vital. Sounds simple, right? Sounds obvious. Yet it is not that easy, because designer and client are two fully formed people with all manner of ideas and tastes and beliefs and notions of what good design is. Continue reading


For kitchen and bath floors there is a great product called “rectified porcelain” and it looks like stone, slate or even wood! This product is reasonably priced, it comes in large formats and cleaning is very easy.

Consider painting small bathroom ceilings a dark color. The ceiling does not always have to appear “high”, and it can have a surprising effect! Why not?

Range Alert: Samsung 30” Slide-in with FlexDuo. You can divide the interior so that you can cook two things at different temperatures! Continue reading


There is no doubt about it. No matter how “forward looking” we live our lives, in the way we think, live and work, we are always inJackson Heights beforeformed by history. The past swirls all around us. Our personal histories inform our very actions consciously and unconsciously, every day. We embrace the past. We shun the past. We pay homage to the past. We marvel at it. And sometimes, we simply put up with it. But we are always looking to the future, with the past in our bones. The future could not exist in a vacuum…it needs the groundwork of history to make sense.

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AMSTERDAM: Living a dream in 8 days

I cannot write this blog post without speaking from the heart about some of my experiences while visiting the glorious city of Amsterdam for the past 8 days. The trip encompassed my four life passions: music, art and design and writing.

My hotel was 300 meters away from possibly the best concert hall in the world, The Concert Gebouw, and I was fortunate that lots of concerts were going on there during my stay.  I heard 5 truly great Continue reading

INFINITE BEST: When a facelift is the only solution.

No, not my face….. although…..You may not know this, but “they” say that the best time in life for a face lift is about 3-5 years before you actually need one. Then, instead of the getting all of the odd glances from people, as they gaze into your face a bit too long, and scrutinize the obvious work, all your friends will just assume that you have gotten a very good night’s sleep, and that you look “refreshed”. Of course, I have no personal experience with this, but this is what “they” tell me. Continue reading