We are upon the first days of Summer 2013, and I am announcing yet another anniversary. The beginning of July will mark the one-year anniversary of the MBID Blog. 50 blogs out and the time has flown. Writing the blog has been a surprising inspiration for so many things in my life. First, I discovered writing. And I found that I had a lot more to say about all sorts of subjects than I ever imagined. I have found that finding just the right words is challenging but ultimately just another outgrowth of creativity. I never know what I am going to blog about until one day before I sit down to write it. The week’s activities seem to jell and something comes out, thank goodness! Writing about design has helped me to crystallize my own thoughts about what I love and what I do. I think a lot about what clients might want to know. But the blog is for me too, and the beauty about blogging is that I can write about pretty much anything I want. I own it and I am going to drive the bus!

So before I launch into some great tidbits of advice to start off the summer, I want to announce that the blog will reduce its output from once a week to twice a month.

That is: every other week.

That is: 26 blogs a year, rather than 52.

That is: fewer.

That is: no less special or interesting.

That is: just the way it has to be.

THAT IS: UNLESS I hear an overwhelming NO from those of you who read my blog. I encourage all of you to actually sign up for the newsletter to receive updates on the blog, because, um, honestly, the blog and I just want you to. And it also helps me to know who and how many people are engaging in the world of what is on my mind.

SO, here is what I am thinking on the first days of summer!

Please: Try and mix up your colors. There is just too much emphasis placed on matching and things “going.” Be brave and go with your fears rather than your tried and true comfort level. If you are afraid, step into it.

And yes: It is quite all right to mix metals and other finishes in certain circumstances. The variety can really make a room come alive.

Please: Treat yourself to a proper headboard for the bed. I like the idea of being king or queen of the bedroom! And you gotta have a headboard to be a royal.

Also: Go ahead and change out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. But make sure that the holes will match up before you purchase.

Remember: One of my first blogs was about BM #967. It is still my go to white paint color for ceilings and trim. I also like BM #190 on the ceiling in certain situations where the wall color is warm.

Oh boy: Do I love slipper chairs! They can just dress up a space like nothing else. Do you know what a slipper chair is? If not, Google it.

Plus: I love filling a wall with many pieces of art or photographs and setting them very close together. Figuring out how they will lay up is part of the fun…like a math puzzle. And it makes a great impact. Hang them about 2″ apart…looks better.

Oh and by the way: I love it when things in nature make a geometric. Stairs do this, when the light hits them correctly. Fences can do this. So surprising.

Oh and also: I love disco music. Seriously I highly recommend revisiting, or visiting if you are not of the “revisiting” age, if you catch my drift.

Lamps: Invest in great lamps that have 3-way switches. Lamps are functional but can also be a defining aspect of decoration in a room. Colorful, metal, glass. It’s a statement. Make sure the shade is the right size and shape for the base. Go to a good lamp store and ask for help if you are bewildered.

And: Please sign up for my newsletter. I really want to know who reads my stuff. And, you can always unsubscribe. You will never offend me. Promise.

Happy Summer!

13 thoughts on “ONE YEAR OLD

  1. Jim T

    I read you every week. I’ll miss you on the in between weeks. Because of you I bought a new pillow for the bed, changed out the bed duvet for the Summer and more. Bought new coffee cups. I want to see a Chop vid and I think that it should be a music video. Perhaps with disco and / or oboe. And most of all, the fact that you keep your blog going every week like you do, is totally inspiring! That is my 2 cents.

  2. MarciaB1 Post author

    Oh My Goodness: OK, Jim, I am hearing you and I will get that video into production ASAP…shall we have drums in the mix? I am open to weekly….it only takes a bit of love to get me to change my mind. Thanks for being a subscriber and supporting me.

  3. MarciaB1 Post author

    Gary, I love it! OK, who can identify Gary’s very subtle and astute disco reference? You don’t have to be a top tier Broadway show musician to get this. Hint: initials BW.

  4. Richard Kaplan

    Yet another great blog, full of useful information and interesting quirks. Keep ’em coming. You drive that bus, girl. But disco?!? That’s my stop on the route.

  5. Nora

    Congratulations on all your anniversaries. I hope you are celebrating your success. I am honored to have been one of your 1st 100 clients. I absolutely love your blog! The more the merrier! I feel like I am sitting down having a cup of coffee with a dear friend when I read it. Keep up the great work!

  6. MarciaB1 Post author

    Richard: Y
    ou must at least TRY disco…
    Nora: I love that you are reading my blog…it means so much to me. Thanks for piping up and having coffee with me!

  7. Mary S

    I love your blog, Marcia! It gets me thinking about all sorts of things that I wouldn’t normally think about. One day it may even release the clog in that side of my brain where creativity now sleeps soundly!

  8. MarciaB1 Post author

    Mary, I am very interested in clogs of all kinds, wherein resides the most wonderful thoughts and ideas. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  9. Don

    Marsh – Congratulations!!! As your friend and fellow designer, I have to tell you that your blogs are always insightful, inspiring and fun! I will be on your bus whenever you decide to drive it! XO Don

  10. MarciaB1 Post author

    Thanks Don!! You are the best of the best!
    And BTW All: the answer to the disco question is: Barry White!

  11. Suzie

    Congrats, Marcia! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I enjoy reading your blogs – they take me away from the every day madness. You’ve taught me a lot over the years, both personally and professionally. Looking forward to seeing what other insights you have in store for us. BTW – I knew it was Barry White! My parents met at a disco, and I was born during the disco era. I’ve always been a big fan of that genre of music. I’m right on the bus with you!

  12. chuck

    As always, fun, pleasurable, and interesting to read — do it as often as is productive and pleasurable — when it becomes a chore, you know you have gone too far — love the picture of you and the great hound! We part company on the disco music — I would rather listen to a chorus of crows!


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