Good things do come to those who wait. Those of you with an impeccable memory might recall that in October of last year I was contacted by international magazine Design Bureau. More than six months and twenty-something blog posts later, I’m seeing my work in print. According to Design Bureau, they “scour the globe for inspiring design—whether it’s visiting a historic glassmaker in Vienna, a leather-mask designer in London, or a print shop in Chicago…” (where they are based)—and they found me! I’m not only delighted to be featured in their May/June Hot Home Design Issue, which hit newsstands last week, but more specifically I’m delighted to be a part of what the magazine calls “an honest and inspirational global dialogue on design from diverse disciplines and points of view.”

I really admire the idea of exploring pan/global design. Every little thing in this big world is designed, from the delightfully perfect iconic paper clip to the elegance of the Apple products. Someone thought hard about every surface, nook and cranny of anything you put your hands on. So, to have a magazine that delves into all aspects of design, choose my work to showcase – well – I am truly honored and grateful. I cannot stress enough that whatever the discipline, all creativity comes from the same place. And I’ve found that because of my experiences both as a professional musician and thus far as an interior designer, what I bring to the table is that much richer.

Anyway, read my contribution to the dialogue here. Design Bureau is carried at various newsstands, bookstores and independent shops worldwide, including Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Hudson News, Books A Million, and Duane Reade.

In other news, I have recently begun Tweeting. The very day I posted this fascinating personal tidbit on Facebook, a friend promptly informed me that Warren Buffet began Tweeting the very same day! I am in good company, and I’m hoping that he’s equally baffled. Regardless, I’d love for you to follow me. MarciaAButler. #UntilNextWeek

7 thoughts on “My work: PUBLISHED!

  1. Alan Kay

    Woohoo!! We’re so proud of you, Marcia! So happy you’re getting the recognition you deserve!

  2. suzie lograsso

    Congrats, Marcia! I’m so happy for you. Glad your talent is getting the recognition it deserves.


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