How did I go from being a successful musician for 25 years in the Big Apple and turn into a DESIGN GEEK?

The DESIGN part is not surprising; I feel that the creativity of music comes from the same well as the visual elements of the world. I just dip down and up it comes…design ideas and inspiration. It feels very similar to the heightened quality of awareness  while performing.

The GEEK part is a complete surprise. I am the woman, who, in my first Auto Cad class in interior design school, when the professor said “Look at the upper right corner of your desktop”,  I put my head down and stared at the actual desk top that my computer was sitting on! This is the woman who, when the professor said ” Open up Windows”,  I walked over to the window in the actual room and opened it! Get the picture? My soon to be good buddy, Larry,  who was sitting next to me during that first class, leaned over to me and asked” Do you drink?”, and I said, Um, no not really”; he then commented…”you ‘d better start”. That was 10 years ago. Yes, I am now proficient in Auto Cad, Photo Shop, Design Manager, I’m on Facebook, I have a web site and last but not least, I am BLOGGING. And I didn’t have to drink!

The funny thing is, I don’t FEEL geeky. I am finding immense creative potential in every computer related skill I learn. Of course, at first it all feels impossible and just the absolute limit. NOT ME…I will NOT blog. The truth is, I end up enjoying all of it.  I get immense satisfaction out of being able to create detailed architectural documents for building review, and drawing complex cabinet details for mill workers; manipulate images with Photo Shop and creating professional  proposals and purchase orders and invoices from my design software program. It is all absolutely necessary for efficiency in my business and for my ideas to come to life and ultimately end up in my client’s homes.

The image above shows two computers, an Iphone,a camera, one printer, one plotter, a tape measure, a color fan, etc. They are the tools that aid my creative mind. The bigger story is this: The mind is a continuum of awareness and does not discriminate between geeky stuff and arty stuff. The mind does not make a distinction between play and work. The mind is vast, we all know that. The Middle Aged Trick, is to allow the mind to lead us to places that we think we cannot go.


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