What is up this week? The lovely, ZEN-like phrase MEASURE TWICE – CUT ONCE. I love this thing.

In practical terms, we think of this as a stock mill worker mantra. It saves alot of waste and trees and ultimately the environment! Just think, if they didn’t measure twice before cutting, the mistakes….OY. But really, for me, it means SLOW DOWN and breathe.

IT MEANS: if I am in a situation (say, with a client or contractor) that activates emotions, and I am about to RE act, I stop and think “measure twice, cut once”. The “measuring twice” part is the time I stop to think about me, the other person and the situation. Then, the “cut once” part (actual reaction) can truly lead to a more thoughtful interaction and ultimate solution. This type of delayed reaction (due to the fact the I have measured twice) has the heart and mind integrated. It is always better to blend the two, because the sum of them is greater than either on its own.

I LOVE my mill workers…they are SO ZEN and true artists.

I could sit and watch them install kitchens all day, every day. (Which is what I did yesterday). They never rush, they never react, they never make a mistake. They are the masters of my design universe, because they make what I dreamed up for my clients a reality.

Keep cool and measure twice. ox M

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