If you do one thing for yourself this holiday season, do something that you consider “not necessary”. Something that may seem like an indulgence or an excess or just a whimsy.

Change the treatment on your bed: new duvet cover/bed cover, new pillows and covers, bed sheets and new bed skirt. For budget, Bed Bath and Beyond has some lovely things, reasonably priced, including a Barbara Barry collection. West Elm also has lovely things, if you are into whites with a minimal pattern. It is great to start and end each day enveloped in freshness. Go to the stores and look and feel. This is important for bedding.

Treat yourself to a new set of colorful coffee mugs. Big fat ones. Williams Sonoma / Pottery Barn / West Elm…they all have great colors and patterns…something for everyone.

Go to Gracious Home and get a new shower curtain …the one that goes on the outside of the tub. They have hundreds, and they don’t all cost $300. This will immediately change the tone of the bath, like a mini renovation. Or, just get the clear plastic ones that have huge images on them, like the map of the world or the NYC subway system. I personally like the “pebble” clear shower curtain. Take a look.

Go to Paper Source on Spring Street in Soho. They have incredibly beautiful large sheets of PAPER (for between $3 – $15) that you can frame and hang on the wall. Spend money on the frame. This is a great idea for a hallway or a similar wall space that needs some attention. Don’t tell anyone what it is, or tell everyone what it is. Who cares?

Throw all your sofa pillows out and get new ones. Get different sizes so the sofa has a sense of scale. Get solids and prints. Get bold colors. Get a really yummy chenille throw for the sofa. And don’t forget to plump the pillows every day. There’s nothing worse than entering a room with squished pillows on the sofa.

Purchase and install a new shower head. This is an easy replacement and can make your showering experience more pleasurable.

Try to have fresh cut flowers in the house each week. It seems like it might be expensive, but you can get a dozen roses at the corner grocery store for $8 and just bunch them together tightly in a small vase. This is something I do for myself and I love looking at the roses bloom wider with just a fresh drink of water.

Clear off your book cases. Restyle them. Do it shelf by shelf. It costs no money but can really change up a room. And while you are at it, edit what you display. Throw things out. You don’t have to display every bit of memorabilia.

Close your eyes everyday for 5 minutes and listen very carefully to the sounds around you. Put on a timer and do not open your eyes.

Love MADLY. Live TRULY. Breathe DEEPLY.
Love TRULY. Live DEEPLY. Breathe MADLY.
Love DEEPLY. Live MADLY. Breathe TRULY.

Your choice. But do it.

4 thoughts on “MADLY, TRULY, DEEPLY

  1. Elizabeth

    Once again, thank you, Marcia. Your confident suggestions instill me with hope. Makes me feel like a fresh life is just around the corner… I can smell the breeze.


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