Helvetica and Curtains: Pondering the Lines and the Curves

I learned something about myself this week. I am not a Helvetica kind of gal. My fantastic marketing pro from California and I are looking into new fonts for my business and logo and all things Marcia. She is somewhat of a purist and I realized that I am actually somewhat of a softy. Ann would like to see a more buttoned up / classic font, like Helvetica, and I would like to sink into a more forgiving font. I really like my curves in any area of design, and this is something that I had not acknowledged about myself before. We’ll work this out in no time….stay tuned!

So as a newly “outed” softy, I began to think about curtains and how I love beautifully tailored window treatments. Curtains are serious business. The fabrication is just as exacting as couture fashion, period. Every fold and crease must hang and drape effortlessly. To fabricate window treatments, the flow of the fabric, the machine and hand stitching, the hem (bottom), the heading (top), the leading edge (side)…is just like making a bespoke garment. You have to know your fabrics, how they will drape, what will hold up to the sun, what fabrics need lining or interlining. Do you want silk, or a sheer, or a heavy cotton. The choices are many and the process can be quite daunting. If you are considering window treatments, I recommend getting a great big coffee table curtain book that shows all the styles. And, as I say many times to my clients: do it once and do it right.
Here are some terms that you need to know:

box pleat, inverted pleat, goblet pleat, pinch pleat, European pinch pleat, eyelet or grommet, ring top, rod pocket, pencil pleat, French pleat, triple pleat, tab top, tie top

floor: 1/2″ off the floor
trouser: breaks at the floor
puddle: 4″-8″ on the floor

What is the connection with Helvetica? Well, when I see fantastic curtains, I swoon! I just love a work of art surrounding a window. I appreciate how much work went into making them and installing them. Curtain installation on my projects is a BIG day. I get very excited because I know that the place is going to reach a new level of beauty. A room with great window treatments always achieves elevated sophistication, regardless of the style. I have a beloved client whose apartment I did early in my career, and she went for the gusto regarding the curtains. I still work for her on small projects, and I STILL love those curtains! The fabric is gorgeous and the tailoring is impeccable. Helvetica does not make me swoon.

OK, speaking of Helvetica, who has ideas for my business font? It has to make me swoon, but it also has to satisfy Ann’s purist needs. We are open to suggestions!

6 thoughts on “Helvetica and Curtains: Pondering the Lines and the Curves

  1. MarciaB1 Post author

    Jean, Your home is one of my all time faves! I will most likely wax poetic about the bath wallpaper also, which I continue to swoon over, as you know!

  2. Gary Johnson

    Whatever the font style, your blog rocks. You’re very good at stringing words out, and your enthusiasm is infectious!!

  3. marcia

    Gary! The mind is a terrible thing to waste and I have NO IDEA what I am about to say next. Stay tuned and I love that you like the blog.


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