I do a lot of styling for clients. I buy art and objet for clients and advise them on all matters of visual aesthetics. And I help my clients edit (alternative word for gently toss out or put into deep storage) what they have, so that what ends up on the walls are pieces that mean the most and represent their life right now.

OK. Let’s talk about “THE WALL”. That would be the vertical surface that is usually directly ahead of you (unless you are in bed and are staring at the “CEILING”. Or you may be doing Downward Facing Dog and are staring at the “FLOOR”). But I digress…..back to THE WALL.

IN GENERAL. Art should be hung so that the FOCAL POINT of the piece is at about 54″ to 64″ AFF (Above Finished Floor), depending on the size of the piece. This will probably seem low to most of you. But this placement brings the art to a true eye level, which is where it wants to live. And let’s face it, most of the time we are sitting, and the art is viewed from this lower perspective. (If there are giants in the family…email me privately.) Also, when art is placed at this lower height, it creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. Additionally, it is a good thing for the wall to have void (empty) space. Don’t just fill it up. Many pieces can dilute the impact of all the pieces, unless there is a specific grouping of art. I could go on and on with all manner of exceptions and caveats and site specific conditions, but the basic lesson for now is to hang your art lower than you think. Don’t be afraid…it’s just a nail and a hammer and a hole in the wall.

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