Sometimes, in my business, wonderful moments occur that feel so organic and right.

When I finish a job, I usually like to give my clients a small gift that is relevant to their renovation….something for the kitchen….or an object that I think will have meaning for them. But sometimes, I offer a bit more of my time to help them in another area of the home that needs some tender loving care.

Last night I finished up the “Country Kitchen” that I posted about a week ago. As my gift, I offered to hang art work in her living room. It turns out, the art work is wonderful oil paintings that her Mother had created, and which my client acquired after her Mother passed a few years ago.

We carefully considered each piece and chose the wall that seemed to best hold the image. I felt as if I was helping to bring the presence of her Mother to the space The experience was palpable and moving.

The space you live in can hold the present and the past concurrently. I have a great job…it just doesn’t get any better.

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