For kitchen and bath floors there is a great product called “rectified porcelain” and it looks like stone, slate or even wood! This product is reasonably priced, it comes in large formats and cleaning is very easy.

Consider painting small bathroom ceilings a dark color. The ceiling does not always have to appear “high”, and it can have a surprising effect! Why not?

Range Alert: Samsung 30” Slide-in with FlexDuo. You can divide the interior so that you can cook two things at different temperatures!

Lavender is on my mind these days. It is great as an accent color in pillows and if you have an outdoor porch, it seems to flow naturally with a garden.

For grout cleaning: StainSolver – on line only – no substitution will do!

If you have a stone floor, you will know when you need to reseal it when liquid seeps into the surface slowly. If the liquid is still beading, you are ok. With normal use, 2-3 years to reseal is typical.

Four Walls in a Room: What to do if there are windows and doors on most of the walls? You need to float the furniture in the space. Think outside that box.

I absolutely LOVE a lemon yellow color that can actually bring water to the mouth, and I just used it in a sunroom for a client. The walls crackle with shimmering sun!!

Brown walls with a print curtain in red and white! Love this.

If you have an island in your kitchen, reinforce it with a very large lighting fixture such as a pendant in metal or linen fabric. It can hang fairly low because there is no issue with walking under it. Nice impact.

Speaking of kitchen islands, if you are renovating, consider an island that can be moved around (on wheels) so that there is some flexibility as needed for complex food preparation.

If you do one thing in your bedroom, do a headboard and a bed skirt. OK, that’s two things, but you catch my drift. If the bed reads as a complete statement, the room beckons.

Soft gray is the new off white. So says MBID.

ORANGE. Consider this color for anything. Orange and Brown. Orange and Black. Orange and Off White. Orange and Citron.

You can use a large modern lighting fixture over a dining table in a fundamentally traditional room. Mixing styles is fun and interesting.

I love Madeline Weinrib rugs. They have bold geometrics, are casual, and have wonderful colors. Get them at ABC Carpet.

Rocky Mountain Hardware (handles and knobs) also has great lighting options now. Check them out on line.

Angela Adams is a rug designer based in Portland Maine and I absolutely adore her work. She also designs furniture. Google her for the website. All hand crafted and very vivid in concept, texture and color. She has a custom program and an off the rack program, at varying prices.

Be mindful of what is in front of your desk. When you raise your head from your task or computer, you want to see something that pleases, and possibly inspires!

I encourage you all to go shoeless in your home. Wear slippers and you will keep your rugs and floors so much cleaner. The Japanese and other cultures have been doing it for centuries.

For teenagers, CB2 has great metal desks with file cabinets that fit underneath. A real bargain!

Chelsea has so many new furnishing and home stores that have popped up over the last few years. Browse the streets from 9th Avenue to 5th Avenue. I was recently shopping for accessories for a client and found fantastic items that were very inexpensive. See the above image!

Do you want a small claw foot tub? Check out Sunrise on line.

Everything in a bedroom should contribute to an atmosphere of peace. Try to keep a work space out of the bedroom if at all possible.

And lastly, a quote from the incredible designer Billy Baldwin, for a very special client of mine: “The best decoration in the world is a roomful of books”.






  1. Lesty

    I love your blogs , Marcia ! I know nothing about interior design but it’s such a refreshing & interesting read – I enjoy keeping in touch with you and knowing what you’re up to .. Love the vases btw
    Great work ! ;-D hugs


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