Here is a “styling” tip that I needed to personally employ this week.

What to do when someone gives you flowers, say a bunch from the Korean grocer down the street, and they are not the greatest in the world….maybe they are a bit on the old side…or they are predominately carnations…..which are not my favorites…..

FIRST: Feel incredibly grateful that the person thought of you and went to the trouble to purchase them and give them to you. Which, of course I did. I was very touched, indeed. (Thank you husband).

SECOND: Get out your flower clippers and a short chunky glass vase, about 6″ high and 7″ wide. Cut all the flowers down to about 7″ – 8″ high and place them in the vase. Don’t use any of the greenery. The net effect should be that the top is a big mass of flowers with virtually no stems showing. It looks like one huge flowery bloom, and packs a wallop on the table top!!

Looking forward to a cool weekend……

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