YES, I received an email about one month ago from a Chicago based magazine called Design Bureau. He said, “I came across some of your portfolio and love the aesthetic of your work. We’re currently doing research for our 2013 interior design special edition and I think your projects would make a great potential fit.” I had an interview on the phone with the editorial representative and he then presented some of my projects to the whole staff. Two days later I received another email telling me that they are moving forward with the intention of including my work. The image above is what initially caught his eye, from the White Kitchen on my web site.

Design Bureau (http://www.wearedesignbureau.com/) is an interesting magazine, in that it focuses on all types of design from around the world; including interiors, architecture, fashion, graphic design, industrial design and culture in general. In a world that is smaller and smaller due to the internet, I think this large overview and kind of cross pollination of design disciplines is prescient. Design Bureau is certainly true to this concept as stated by their mission:
“Design Bureau delivers an honest and inspirational global dialogue on design from diverse disciplines and points of view. It gathers people like you—creative professionals, style arbiters and industry leaders—and connects you with a like-minded community of design enthusiasts across the world with one common idea: discovering great design and the people who make it happen.”

I have had interest from magazines in the past, through the efforts and support of my photographer, but nothing had come to fruition. This magazine found my work ON LINE, and I am delighted that I have persevered through the last year to join FACEBOOK (my business FB page: Marcia Butler Interior Design), and start my BLOG, mainly to get the word out about what I do and my thoughts about design. I love writing about design and never know what I am going say on a weekly basis until I actually sit down on Saturday morning and write.

I see creativity as one big simmering cauldron. How it is ultimately expressed is dependent on the individual artist. It may come out as music, art, design, photography, writing or any other expression of the mingling of the mind, heart and soul. I truly feel as though I am still playing the oboe when I design an interior. The impulses feel exactly the same to me. I realized this over the past few years as people have asked me over and over, “Do you miss playing?” The answer has always been: “No”. I had an incredible career in music, and at no time was my decision to leave the profession based on the need to change careers. My creative eye was just looking in another direction. Then the career change happened organically. Maybe some of you can relate to this. I would love to hear about your experiences of what I call “cross creativity”.

One thought on “Fairy Tales Do Come True….MY WORK IS BEING PUBLISHED!

  1. ralph

    i feel that creative talent whether it is in music or interior design should be shared with the rest of the world and you are successfully doing that.


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