CLUTTER (ouch)

I go into many homes and I have the unique privilege to see into their private world and in a way, I am also looking into a microcosm of their world view. Here is the thing: HOW WE LIVE IS WHO WE ARE….kind of like what we eat is who we are. I am beating around the bush here…what I am talking about is CLUTTER……and DOUGHNUTS. If we live with clutter, chances are, our mind is cluttered. If we eat doughnuts all day, chances are we could easily take on the shape of a doughnut. (Personal experience here.)

SORRY. That is the preachy part. Here is the practical part:

SO. Right now, today, within the next 24 hours….go to the nearest surface in your home. It can be a kitchen counter or a coffee table or a desk top. It can be very small…no more that 24″ x 24″. Take everything off and (dust) take 5 minutes looking at the empty surface and decide what you want to live on the surface. Place the objects there and keep it that way. You have now begun the process of not only de-cluttering, but of making a commitment to your private world. This IS part of interior design…the choice of what to place on surfaces.

To de – clutter is to live. Or something like that….

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