Clear The Decks!

Did you know that typically, up to 50% of the cabinet space and counter space in large AND small kitchens is poorly (read: never) used? It’s true. I see this all the time.


Get every single appliance off the counter with the exception of the coffee maker. Please. I encourage clients to purchase built in appliances that will free up valuable real estate on the counter tops. After all, you want to be able to prepare food, and when small appliances are sitting on the counter full time, this is a psychological deterrent to cooking. Trust me. For instance, a good microwave above the stove can have a convection oven component in it. The range can have a convection aspect as well. Some ranges have two actual cooking spaces, such as the GE Cafe gas/ double oven.


For small kitchens (hello NYC), the Blomberg refrigerator: 24″ x 24″ is fantastic as a small footprint fridge. Don’t be adverse to an 18″ wide dishwasher.  This will add 6″ of potential cabinet space. I love all the Miele dishwashers, especially the Diamond Series; so quiet. If you are not much of a baker or use an oven rarely, you may want to do a 24″ x 24″ cook top set into the stone and a good convection/microwave below. (Most ranges are 30″ wide, thus you save 6″ for cabinet space.)

So, what about those cabinets? One deep drawer, counter depth can hold the juicer and toaster. This way you can lift it out rather than digging into the back of the shelf. This is where people generally just end up leaving things out: because it is a pain to get at them once they have been stored. Deep drawers in the base cabinets solve this!  You can pull them out and actually see what’s inside them. What a concept! And what about the cabinet under the sink? It is usually a disaster of cleaning products and what not. Get your recycling and trash bin attached to the doors, in order to get them off the floor of the kitchen. Who wants to see trash out in the open?

Gadgets like the blind corner thing-a -ma -jig is GREAT. What it this? (See: – Pullout Premier Corner Kit Blind Corner Accessories)  Forget the Lazy Susan – I am so done with those things. They just collect clutter and everything falls over. The cabinet over the fridge is usually the land of nowhere. Have a wine rack set into one side of the cabinet and store the booze on the other side. Let’s party!

For the sink, get a metal bottom grid that has a drainage component to it. If you have that to the side of the sink on the counter, it is a waste of space. Also, have a soap dispenser cut into the stone…less stuff on the counter!

Am I sounding like a mad dog? It’s all about preparing food and cooking and having every cabinet accessible and every inch of counter usable. You can do this.

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