BLACK and white

Yes, design devotees, remember those past blogs when I recommended all things BLACK? Remember when I encouraged you to go for it? Black is our friend. It is pure. There is no other “black” than black. It is the connector of all colors. It is deep space. It is at the end of a tunnel and at the bottom of a well. It is the night sky. It is our mind and our imagination. And white? Well, there are many, many whites. But there is only one black. And black will work in any interior and in any style. Black just IS. And it’s IS-ness is a miracle of Mother Nature!

Well, back to planet Earth. I am currently working with a wonderful client who has taken my recommendation to heart. I am assisting her with her new offices in the Wall Street area. My client has an investment firm that is growing steadily. I suggested black and white images as art in the public spaces, but wanted to stay away from cliched NYC building images. They are so DONE especially on Wall Street. We’ve had enough Gordon Gekko for a lifetime. Instead, we chose lovely scenes from Central Park. They are images of stairways and arches, the hidden parts of Central Park. The big, yet subtle concept here, is that these images are “moving up and passing through”, and represent what she will bring to her clients financial health. Always moving “up” and “into” new levels of wealth. This concept resonated with my client. The backdrop is a soft beige wall, and this color helps make the photographs (which are 24″ wide x 36″ high) stand out. My client works on behalf of women, in particular, and because of this, I loved the idea of Central Park. There is an intimacy and a human scale in the images that pulls you in. You want to stop and look at the details and the crisp focus.  And honestly, who can resist Central Park, the unofficial center of this city? I kept the frame thin and the white mat very close to the edge to maximize the power of the photograph, and hung them close together. The impact is substantial.

So, imagine for a moment, if these photographs were in color. The image would then take on an entirely different energy. I believe that the mystery and power of a black and white photograph is that the various depths of hues are shown as gray tones and the eye magically takes it all in as a complete and real representation! When we look at black and white, it actually feels natural and looks REAL. The thinking, rational mind knows it is not, and that in reality there is color. There is a bit of trickery going on between the eye and the mind. I love when that happens, because what we don’t completely understand, very often brings about something of great beauty.

Black: It is a one of a kind color. Try it sometime.



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