AMALGAMISM – My New Design Category

I am referring to one of my favorite words: AMALGAM. For me, it says it all when I am designing anything, whether it is a kitchen, a bath, a whole house or a custom piece of furniture.

Technically, it is a “mixture of different elements”. Amalgamation is a process in which things are combined and an amalgam is the result or consequence of that process – so amalgam means ‘combination,’ while amalgamation means ‘the act of combining or uniting’. When I am designing, I am “amalgamating”, and the end result is the essence of the “amalgam” of design.

Had enough? Read on, please….

When design is at its most interesting and most shimmering, I believe that it is because the combining of objects, furniture, color etc., has reached an optimum and complimentary synergy. What I mean to say, is that actually anything can work with anything, it simply has to be in the correct place, order and hierarchy. This is not an eclectic style, which refers to combining different set styles within a room. No, amalgamism, my very own reference to my very own design process, comes from a regard for the primary and deeply felt principles I hold when I work with my clients.

So, I work on two levels of amalgamism. The first is the combination of what my client expresses a desire for and how I understand those desires and how I can interpret them. The second is the very intricate way in which this interpretation is expressed through objects, color, furniture, lighting and all the things that fill a room. I like to think that most of the time both of these processes are working tangentially. However, either may pop up to the foreground as needed throughout the process.

Confused yet? Just a bit more, please….

Interior design is an amalgam of knowing, seeing, discernment, experience, hopes, dreams, intuition, whimsy, history, and story. It can be a very accurate expression of our inner life, if we pay attention to it. Amalgam in design is how that inner life is expressed as the outer environment. And that is really how I see my job as I work with clients. This process is working in me at all times, and it is why I am so deeply committed to interior design as an essential part of life.

The new MBID design category: AMALGAMISM.

One thought on “AMALGAMISM – My New Design Category

  1. Mike

    Love this…amalgamiam…. I have the same philosophy. If I were to design the party I did today, tomorrow, it would be totally different as I have had different experiences since the first design. All we do make us who we are ands that is constantly changing!!


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