Celebrating 10 Years – 100 Clients

100 Clients and Still Ticking

Now that Marcia Butler Interior Design is technically into its eleventh year, I think it’s probably time to celebrate my ten-year anniversary; what do you think? For ten years I’ve been helping my clients achieve a style in their home or office that’s completely unique and completely their own. And this is what I’ll continue to do. I have helped my clients make easy decisions and painful ones. Such as: should we toss a beloved piece of furniture that has sentimental value but does not quite work anymore? Probably. Or, shall we hold on to this black-and-white photograph from the grandfather who lived in Europe while his young family tried to prosper in the USA? Of course. I will continue to respect and value every single question, desire, wish, dream, hope, and whimsy of all my clients. This is where I get my inspiration—from each and every one of you. What a glorious ride it has been.

In between site visits, contemplating fabrics and managing complex renovations I’ve also evolved with the world—the digital world, I should say; I acquired a website, I started blogging, I joined Facebook, LinkedIn, and I’m Tweeting, for goodness’ sake. And as a result of this, I got some press. Once I even oversaw a renovation via Skype while in Europe… And this is what I’ll continue to do.

Without my clients, though, none of this would be possible. A big thank you to my lovely clients, many of whom recommended me to other lovely people and have helped my business flourish before my eyes. Believe it or not (I certainly don’t), I’ve had a hundred clients. But hang on, the best is yet to come. This is what I will continue to do.

5 thoughts on “100 Clients and Still Ticking

  1. Terril Gagnier Terril Gagnier

    Congratulations! Wishing you 100 more and
    100 after that. No question the best is yet
    to come!

  2. Bianca Simon

    Congratulations Marcia for reaching 100 clients I knew there will be more, this only testifies that your expert in this field. Continue to put a smile on every clients face 🙂

  3. Fran Epstein

    Truly enjoy my digital encounters with you and your work.
    Congratulations! on your much deserved successful decade.


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